Web Frontend Engineer(网页前端开发工程师)


1. Develop, test and deploy dynamic web-based solutions
2. Produce responsive GUI design and strategies into HTML responsive web content
3. Maintain and improve user experience on front-end web development
4. Collaborate with graphic designers to develop site features and functionalities
5. Manage software development life cycle process, software quality, release and version control


1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or equivalents)
2. 2 years experienced in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
3. Hands-on knowledge in PHP, object orientated design etc
4. Outstanding analytical and problem solving skills
5. Self-motivated, innovative, and proactive
6. Able to work independently in fast paced environment


1. 开发,测试和部署基于Web 2.0的动态解决方案
2. 依据GUI设计布局完成网页内容的开发工作
3. 维护现有代码,优化前端Web应用用户体验
4. 与平面设计师协作来开发网站的特性和功能
5. 掌控软件开发周期,管理产品开发质量以及版本控制


1. 本科及以上学历,计算机相关专业
2. 2年以上的HTML5/CSS/JavaScript经验
3. 有PHP和面向对象编程开发经验
4. 出色的问题分析和解决能力
5. 积极向上,有探索创新精神
6. 能在快节奏的环境下独立完成工作