Software Engineer-Server( 软件工程师-服务器)

Job Description
1. Build large distributed systems that scale well.
2. Implement core services in Mozat product line and assist in setting the architecture for new features and products.
3. Provide technical consultancy to other departments at the company.
4. Review and evaluate requirements from a technical perspective.
5. Learn and evaluate new technologies and tools as needed.

1. Master’s degree in computer science/software engineering or equivalent is a must.
2. At least 2 years of working experience in the related field is required.
3. Excellent knowledge of CS fundamentals, especially algorithms, database and distributed systems.
4. Proven track record of shipping large systems and owning large parts of code base.
5. Strong knowledge of the Java programming language and its ecosystem.
6. Outstanding analytical and problem solving skills.
7. Self-motivated, innovative, and proactive.
8. Experience with Apache Hadoop, Cassandra or other Big Data related technology is a plus

1. 参与构建海量分布式系统
2. 负责实现产品需求,参与系统核心架构的设计与优化
3. 为公司的其他项目部门提供技术支持与指导
4. 对新需求从技术层面进行审核、评估
5. 研究与评估工作中所需的新技术、平台与工具

1. 计算机及相关学科硕士及以上学位,多媒体相关专业者尤佳
2. 在软件开发相关领域拥有至少两年的工作经验
3. 在算法、数据库以及分布式系统领域具有优秀的分析、解决问题能力
4. 具有海量系统运行、维护以及编码经验
5. 优秀的JAVA编程能力, 熟悉JAVA生态系统
6. 优秀的分析问题与解决问题能力
7. 主动的工作态度,富于创新与进取精神
8. 具有Hadoop、Cassandra 等大数据、分布式数据库经验者优先