Senior Android Developer(高级安卓开发工程师)

1. Providing guidance and recommendations on product architecture, development processes, code guidelines, and development tools
2. Acting as a focal point and technical expert to the team
3. Hands-on coding, systems analysis, design, and delivery of projects assigned.
4. Timely and economic utilization of resources assigned to the project.
5. Complete assigned projects in a timely manner within project parameters.
6. Meet project objectives, providing systems that operate in a cost-effective manner.
7. Provide good technical guidance to project team members other colleagues within the organization so that their abilities and the overall project quality are enhanced.
8. Keeps management informed of project progress and problems, particularly as to needed changes in schedule, resources, or product.
9. Work with web developers to create and maintain robust mobile fram.

1. Minimum 4 years experience in Android development.
2. Role will be about 70% hands-on development and 30% management, mentoring, and strategy
3. At least 3 published applications on the Apple Store available for immediate download and review by our team. Please provide names of all your apps that you’ve worked with a brief description of your contribution (if not individually developed).
4. Experienced in android system structure, android programming, skilled in related development/build tools.
5. Experienced in common network protocol, android UI framework, communication mechanism, multithreading, database development, data structures and design patterns.
6. Experienced in common design specifications and App interaction guidelines of the mobile platform (including but not limited to the android)
7. Experienced in Java class, understand operation mechanism of jni and Jvm
8. Familiar with the android multimedia framework, the popular audio and video decoding method
9. Good programming habits and code style is preferred. Strong ability in technical documentation reading, good communication ability, can understand and grasp the product demand accurately, can provide feasible solutions and implement, willing to share experience with colleagues. Self-motivated to explore new technologies
10. Excited about working in a high profile, fast-paced and dynamic work environment
11. Proven track record for managing multiple projects at once.
12. Good communication skills, able to communicate with co-workers in Mandarin.
13. Strong mobile UI design and implementation experience, including prototyping