Back-End Engineer-Rings.Tv(后台工程师)

Job Description
Charge to build large scale distributed back-end services for interactive live streaming platform.
Design and build the core systems, including Mobile App API, distributed RPC based micro-services and live streaming distribution scheduling.
Develop, deploy and maintain all back-end systems, provide technical support for operation department.
Study and evaluate the trending tech and tools, apply to the refactoring of existing systems.

Bachelor ’s degree in computer science/engineering or equivalent is required.
At least 4 years of development experience in the related field, and at least 1 year working experience is required.
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills, especially algorithms, database and distributed systems.
Master on Java programming and experience, familiar with Spring, Spring MVC, Mybatis, Hibernate tools in Java ecosystem.
Familiar with Java concurrent programming and socket programming, JVM performance tuning and Netty development experience a plus.
Familiar with Linux development environment, TCP Protocol, HTTP protocol.
Familiar with open source tools, such as Redis, Cassandra, MySQL, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Zookeeper, Nginx, etc.
Familiar with distributed RPC framework, micro-service architecture, and related mechanisms such as service registry-discovery, load balance and service failure resilience, etc.
Self-motivated, team player, innovative, and proactive.

设计构建移动 App 的 API, 基于分布式 RPC 的微服务,视频流分发调度等核心系统

熟练的 Java 编程能力,熟悉 Spring,Spring MVC,Mybatis,Hibernate 等 Java 生态系统工具
熟悉 Java 并发编程和 Socket 编程,有 JVM 性能调优和 Netty 开发经验者优先
熟悉 Linux 编程环境,TCP 协议,HTTP 协议
熟悉 Redis,Cassandra,MySQL,Kafka,RabbitMQ,Zookeeper, Nginx 等开源工具
熟悉分布式 RPC 框架,微服务架构,以及相关的服务注册与发现,负载均衡,服务容错等机制