From Humble Beginnings to Enriching the Lives of Millions Worldwide

Mozat has been a part of the mobile world for 14 years and counting.

Our History

The path of our journey started in 2003, with three NUS (National University of Singapore) doctoral students studying Computer science. Before the world became truly mobile, these students already had a vision that soon everyone would be easily connected to a mobile technology device.

It began as a small student project, inspired by none other than the Nokia 7560 phone that had multimedia capabilities. These visionaries could immediately see how exciting and endless the possibilities of mobile were.

Humble Beginnings

One of our first products was M2U, a software which enabled users to send bulk MMS/SMS. M2U experienced limited success, as market conditions were changing.

As time went on, we naturally evolved into a mobile social networking company. Since 2006, the pioneer of mobile services in Middle East and North Africa. Fourteen years down the line, we have a wonderful portfolio of mobile social networking products and games.

Our Heritage

Like the great composer Mozart who inspired our name, we envisioned creating things that would touch people’s lives and leave a lasting impact.

We have come a long way in eleven years, to be able to enrich the lives of millions of users from across the world. We are a step closer in our mission to Enrich Life through Mobile and are excited about the evolving journey ahead.